JR MEDIA INSTITUTE Run by Punjab Kesari Daily News Paper

From the Desk of Ashwini Kumar ji

Member of Parliament

It is always better to adopt the Death dedicated to the integrity of the Nation than to compromise with a situation not in its interests. By doing so, at least one can remain with the pride of the Nation. How can one bow before Injustice? I am an Aryan and Duty bestowed on me is to write frankly and fearlessly – Truly and Honestly. My late grandfather and the founder of Punjab Kesari group of publications, Amar Shaheed Lala Jagat Narain‐ji had been of the firm view and always advocated that what you say and what you do should have no difference and one must follow the path of truth irrespective of what destiny has in store for you. Accept what it is. I am following his great sermon and the same is my ideology – I worship.

Dedicated to his profession, my father Amar Shaheed Romesh Chander‐ji always fought for journalistic ethics and inspired me not to drift away from the path of truth. The continuous threats to the lives and establishment during the period of terrorism in Punjab coupled with conspiracies hatched across the border and failing administration did not deter my grandfather and father from the principles adopted by them and they preferred to sacrifice their lives fighting for the unity and integrity of the country. Following the path shown by these great martyrs, Punjab Kesari group of publications continues to dedicate itself for maintaining the highest standards of journalism. The objective of the Institute, started in the name by picking the first alphabets of their names, J R Media Institute is to impart the academic and practical training – helping the future journalists to achieve the highest level of professionalism. Society, media and ethics are inter‐twined and cannot grow without each other. Unfortunately, in recent times, the bonds between these three are getting diluted which according to me is not a good signal for the democracy and in the larger interests of the country. Our culture is based on our ethics and hence we have to train the future journalists who believe and have respect for ethics and principles of humanity and can tread difficult terrains without fear.

We cannot run away from the prevailing conditions of the country. Neither do we need to accept them and surrender nor do we need to oppose them. Journalism has an important role to play following the principles of truthfulness, and the policy in the larger interests of the public and the nation, we have to discharge our responsibilities. Media is the fourth pillar of the Indian democracy and it has a vital role to play in building the character of the nation. Upcoming generations of journalists have to understand their responsibilities towards the nation. Our Institution is aiming for that. Let us all join hands in this venture.

Wishing you all the BEST.